trikenol™ (acne prone skins)

Acne-prone skin. Reduces involved microbial flora, sebum production
and irritation, thus regulating skin desquamation.


Modulate the action of sebocytes to balance the excess of sebum secretion
for a more lively and fresh look.

pronalen fruit acids aha-5

Alfa-hydroxyacids coming from a fruit blend. Moisturizing.

rhodiola complex

Visibly reduces frizz and improves hair strength and elasticity.


Repairs damaged and weakened hair. The fiber is stronger. Improves hair
resistance and elasticity.


Deep reconstruction of hair. Shine and sensory properties restoration.
Thermal protection.


Avoids hair loss and stimulates its growth. Reinforces hair follicle.

pronalen fibro-actif

Increases oxygen consumption. Increases mithochondrial respiration. Hair
growth stimulation.


Protective shield for cuticle lipids and proteins. Strengthening effect.
Improvement of hair resistance and manageability.

soy complex

Strengthens, softens and increases shine and flexibility of hair fiber.